HARBO's T-FENCE is the ideal solution for a variety of different customers including oil terminals, inland waterways, ports and marinas and much more.

Oil Spill Responders

When OSR teams arrive at the site of an already contained spill, conditions will be in their favor. A smaller contaminated area and a thicker layer of oil..

remote communities

Remote communities are very vulnerable to oil spills. By the time help finally arrives, vast areas have been contaminated. Since the HARBO Boom Immediate..

ports and marinas

Ports and marinas can finally have the means to block spills from spreading immediately when they start, before OSR teams arrive. This will prevent..

Sensitive Areas

Recreational beaches, scenic shorelines and coral reefs must have HARBO’s immediate response kits close by. If a spill is drifting towards these areas..

FISH FARMS and Aquaculture

If an oil spill is drifting in the direction of a fish farm, they need an emergency spill blocking system ready nearby. A few T-fence cartridges on-board ..


These are especially vulnerable areas. When an oil spill is immediately blocked from spreading, the devastating consequences are avoidable.

Lakes and Inland Waterways

Since HARBO systems are ultra-compact, they can be installed everywhere: near river banks, on small boats, in small shacks. No need for any heavy ..

Coastal Infrastructure Facilities

Power plants, nuclear reactors and desalination plants, for example, cannot afford to have oil penetrate their extremely sensitive systems.

Oil Rigs

The risks on oil rigs are of dramatic proportions. Waiting for teams to arrive from afar is a very dangerous gamble. A vessel the size of a lifeboat with HARBO’s system ..

Ships and Tankers

The only solution for fighting offshore oil spills and avoiding large-scale financial damage is the installation of a HARBO Boom Immediate Blocking System vessel on-board.

Coast guard and navy

In many countries, the coast guard is responsible for orchestrating oil spill response operations, from preparedness to execution. The T-fence Immediate Blocking Systems..

The Environment

When HARBO Boom blocks the oil from spreading, great things happen: The thicker the oil layer is kept, the smaller the area it covers becomes. The efficiency of OSR operations..