Official HARBO Policy

ISO CERTIFIED – 9001 14001

Quality standards
Protection of the environment
Safe work conditions

HARBO Technologies commits to uphold the following principles:

1. Compliance with laws, orders, regulations and other requirements applicable to the safety of employees, subcontractors and visitors in the organization, the protection of the environment, and the quality of the products and services provided to the Company’s customers in all areas of its activity.

2. Reduce and continuously prevent all environmental pollution resulting from its activities, and protect the natural, environmental, and community resources for the mutual benefit of all those involved and for future generations.

3. Reduce and constantly prevent risks and hazards that its employees and guests are exposed to in order to assist in maintaining the health and safety of its employees and guests.

4. Responsibility and authority for safety for all employees at the various workstations; partner with employees to identify and assess risk and commit to regularly report any potential risk to management.

5. Commitment to prevent injuries and occupation related illness, and to continuously improve relevant safety measures in the workplace.

6. Effective implementation of official and professional processes.

7. Respond and provide products based on customer requirements and satisfaction.

9. Consistent quality control and oversight of both the service level and the products.

10. Conduct management surveys and annual goal setting to improve the integrated quality of the system, its relevance and efficiency.

11. Ensure the availability of resources necessary to maintain quality control of the system and the training of employees.

12. Aspire toward excellence and the consistent improvement of all company units and departments.

The policy will be distributed and explained to all employees and subcontractors, will be available to interested parties and the public, and will be reviewed once a year by management for further evaluation of the organization’s performance.